Aligarh Railway SS registered a case of molestation: GRP registered FIR on the complaint of a female employee posted in the station, the case is of July 28

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The GRP has registered a case against the station superintendent on the complaint of the aggrieved female employee.

A case has been registered against the station superintendent of the railway at Aligan Junction for molesting a woman. The victim is an employee of the railway itself and she had given a complaint to the GRP against the accused station superintendent.

The woman employee had made serious allegations against the SS. In the Tahrir, the victim had told that the accused first called her to his room and talked obscenely. After this, he grabbed her hand and dragged her and tried to force her by falling on the sofa. Somehow she escaped from there and then complained to the GRP.

The incident happened on 28 July

The female employee posted at Aligarh Junction told that her husband was a railway employee. He had died in the line of duty. Due to which he got a job in Railways. After the death of her husband, she is working to raise her children.

But Aligarh station superintendent DK Gautam used to do obscenity with her every day. Every day he would call her to his office and talk objectionable things. When his duty was over on the evening of July 28, the accused called him up and called him to his office. He then tried to force her in his office.
Station superintendent DK Gautam accused of molesting female employee

Station superintendent DK Gautam accused of molesting female employee

FIR after complaint on CM Portal

The victim had lodged a complaint with the GRP police station soon after the incident. But the police was continuously denying this incident and no action was being taken in the matter. More than two weeks had passed since this incident, but no action was being taken by the police.

After which the victim complained about the matter by sending a letter to the GM and CM Yogi of North Central Railway. Along with this, the victim also complained about the matter to the CM Portal. After which the GRP immediately swung into action and immediately on Wednesday, a case was registered against the accused station superintendent.

higher officials summoned

After the complaint of the victim, the departmental officers of railways have also taken the matter seriously and started investigation. After receiving the complaint, DTM Tundla Sanjay Kumar summoned the accused station superintendent DK Gautam and the victim female employee. After which both left for Tundla from Aligarh. Here the officials talked to both and started the departmental inquiry.

Police started investigation of the case

GRP Inspector Subodh Yadav said that a case has been registered on the complaint of the victim under section 354. He said that the matter is being investigated.

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