Banking Charges: Bank charges these services from its customers, see full list

Banking Charges In India : All of us often do transactions with the bank, and the bank charges its own for this work. The bank provides services to its customers both online and offline. Let us tell you that some of these services are free and some are charged by the bank.

this service is free
The bank provides free ATM card, check book and online services services to its existing customers for free. But you are charged for some services.

Services are charged
According to sources, banks inform their customers about all the charges for basic services. If any change is made on behalf of the bank in this, then the bank provides this information to you. However, you can get complete information from the bank’s official website and mobile apps.

Here are the charges, see details

  • If you keep the money deposited in your account less than the minimum limit from the bank, then you will have to pay a penalty.
  • You have to pay an annual fee for the debit card.
  • You are charged a fee for repeated issuance or bounce of the check book.
  • You pay the payment transfer fee from the bank on the basis of the amount fixed by the bank.
  • Cash withdrawals and deposits have to be charged according to the amount.
  • You have to pay a fee for home banking services like cash delivery.
  • If you apply for the loan, there will be processing fees, documentation charges, application fees and
    You have to pay the legal charges yourself.
  • Some documents have to be submitted to the bank for the loan, when you apply for a duplicate copy of them, some charge is levied on it.
  • If the loan is taken at fixed interest rates, then a fee has to be paid for premature closure.
  • When you take the facility of locker in the bank, then you have to pay a fee.
  • If you pay abroad with your debit card, then you have to pay the charges.
  • You have to pay a charge for getting a demand draft drawn from the bank and getting a check book with more pages.

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