BJP engaged in strengthening its base: Before the municipal elections in Jalandhar, the booth level committees were taught the lesson of campaigning

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State BJP President Ashwini Sharma addressing the booth level workers

After the defeat in the assembly elections in Punjab, now the Bharatiya Janata Party has started the exercise of strengthening the party’s base at the grassroots level. For this, BJP leaders have started a round of meetings at the booth level. Central level leaders of BJP have camped in Jalandhar and sat. With the brainstorming on booth empowerment, strategies have been started to make it stronger.

The first municipal elections will be held next year. This is followed by the Lok Sabha elections in 2024. BJP is working with complete planning for both these elections with full strategy. However, the BJP had worked with full planning in the assembly as well. BJP’s planning became successful in other states but could not show its color in Punjab. Despite contesting elections on his own and throwing the entire Union Cabinet in Punjab, success could not be achieved.

But this time, taking lessons from the past mistakes, the BJP has started gearing up at the booth level by taking the municipal elections. Today, under the chairmanship of Sushil Sharma, president of Bharatiya Janata Party District Jalandhar, a meeting was organized in the local party office near circular road (Sheetala Mata Mandir) regarding booth empowerment and civic elections.
Booth level officials present in the meeting

Booth level officials present in the meeting

In this, BJP State President Ashwini Sharma, State Organization Minister Srinivaslu, State General Secretary Rakesh Baga, Rajya Sabha MP from Himachal and in charge of the booth empowerment campaign of Jalandhar Lok Sabha Dr. Sikander, former Minister Manoranjan Kalia, State Vice President Rakesh Rathore, State Secretary Anil Sachar, State Spokesperson Mahendra Bhagat, Dewan Amit Arora, Former Mayor Sunil Jyoti, State Disciplinary Committee Chairman Vinod Sharma, Former District President Raman Pabbi, Ramesh Sharma, Surinder Mahe, BJP District President Dehati North Amarjit Singh Amri, BJP District President Dehati Sudarshan Sobti, Narendra Pal Singh Chandi , District General Minister Rajiv Dhingra, Rajeev Panja, Rakesh Goyal, attended.

In-charge of booth empowerment campaign, Rajya Sabha MP from Himachal, Dr. Sikandar held a meeting with booth empowerment committees of Jalandhar Lok Sabha and all 9 Vidhan Sabhas. BJP State Organization Minister Srinivas obtained information about all the booths, all power centers and all wards of the district from the presidents of all 14 mandals of Jalandhar district. He told the presidents of all the divisions that in the coming 15 days, they would expand their teams by making all the wards falling in their respective divisions organizationally strong.

On this occasion, BJP state president Ashwini Sharma asked all the state office bearers, district office bearers, to gear up for the civic elections. Guidelines were given in all the wards to complete their preparations for the civic elections. Ashwini Sharma asked all the workers that in all the wards falling within the limits of Jalandhar Municipal Corporation, the workers should bring the failures of the previous Congress government and the present Aam Aadmi Party government in front of the public vigorously. Deliver the false promises made to the people of the state government from door to door. He asked the workers to go to their respective wards and publicize the schemes of the central government.

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