Anupama’s sister-in-law ‘Barkha’ looks so glamorous in real life, see Ashlesha Sawant’s cool look

Ashlesha Savant Glamorous Look: These days Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna are garnering praise for their strong performances in Star Plus’ superhit show ‘Anupama’. At the same time, apart from these two lead characters in the show, actress Ashlesha Sawant, who is seen in the negative role, is also pleasing to the audience. Ashlesha Sawant is playing the character of Anuj Kapadia’s sister-in-law Barkha in Anupama. Barkha is getting a lot of praise in this role. Ashlesha Sawant, who looks very smart on TV, is active on social media. A bold video of him is becoming quite viral. Here the audience was stunned to see the glamorous avatar of Anupama’s sister-in-law.

Fans got injured seeing Ashlesha’s very sexy style

Ashlesha Savant keeps sharing her pictures and videos for the fans every day. Ashlesha is very fit and bold in real life. Ashlesha has recently shared a video of herself on Instagram (Ashlesha Savant Instagram), in which she is seen flaunting her flat belly. Ashlesha has recorded this video in the makeup room where she is flaunting her flat belly in front of the camera while looking in the mirror. Fans gave funny reactions after watching the video. Most people fell in love with this avatar of Barkha. This look of Ashlesha is very sexy and different.

Received love from fans on social media

In the comment box, the fans have praised Ashlesha and her look fiercely. One user wrote, ‘You are looking very beautiful in open hair.’ At the same time, a user wrote, ‘You should share your health routine with us someday ma’am.’

Ashlesha is playing a strong role in Anupama

Ashlesha is playing a negative role in the TV show Anupama and at this time the story is revolving around her, Ashlesha, who became Barkha, has done the life of Rupali Ganguly playing the role of Anupama. She is making new conspiracies every day to grab Anuj’s property from Anupama.

Story of Anupama revolving around Barkha

Barkha actually wants to take possession of Anuj Kapadia’s immense wealth. She wants her brother-in-law to die so that she can take possession of all the property. However, in the presence of Anupama, this does not seem to be happening at the moment. In the upcoming episodes, the character of Barkha will be seen getting stronger and stronger in the show.

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