Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update Aug 19: Kairav panics, decides to break out of prison

More saddening news for Akshara in the latest episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai as Abhimanyu denies the treatment for his hand once again. On the other hand, Kairav ​​panics in the jail and looks for a way to get out. Mahima gives a hard time to Akshara for taking her family’s side, while Manjari defends her. Read this article to know more. Also Read| Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai recap: Mahima says Akshara is helping Anisha’s killer

Mahima castigates Akshara

Akshara firmly believes in Kairav’s innocence and this is upsetting a lot of members of the Birla family. More than anyone else, Akshara’s stand angers Mahima who just lost her daughter. She gets furious at Akshara for mentioning Kairav’s case again. She castigates her in front of everyone and even warns Abhimanyu to beware of her selfishness. Akshara gets heartbroken listening to this and storms out of the room. Manjari defends Akshara and gives Mahima a much-needed telling-off.

In the meantime, Abhimanyu comes to Akshara to comfort her. He also tries to make her understand Mahima’s circumstances and requests her to watch the mention of Kairav’s innocence in the family. Akshara agrees and initiates another important discussion with him that he needs to see Dr Kairav ​​at the earliest. The decision on his hand surgery is still pending as Abhimanyu has neither agreed nor said no to it. Even after Akshara’s pleadings, he leaves her without an answer. Later, he notices Akshara breaking down and begging for him to accept the surgery proposal. Will he finally accept her wishes or will he lose the chance of getting his hand better forever? Keep reading HT highlights to find out the answer.

Kairav ​​panics

While the Birlas are trying their best to ensure that Kairav ​​remains in jail without any relief, the Goenkas are struggling to find any help to get Kairav ​​out. Suhasini feels beaten and Manish struggles to find any hope. Meanwhile, Akhilesh goes through all their contacts to find some help in the case. Back in jail, Kairav ​​is panicking trying to reassure himself of his innocence. He seems to be having a panic attack and decides to find a way to get out anyhow. What is he going to do to escape jail? Will he worsen his case by his actions? More shocking news to come on the show, stay tuned for all updates!

Akshara wakes up dreaming that Abhimanyu has agreed to surgery, and later requests everyone in the family to convince Abhimanyu for the operation. Harsh comes to Abhimanyu to remind him of the importance of his job to other people. He also gives an example of his mother, Manjari, who continues to fulfill her responsibilities even after all the inner trauma. It remains to be seen if he has succeeded in convincing Abhimanyu for the operation.

In the next episode of Yeh Rishta, we will find out what Kairav ​​does to escape jail. The news of Kairav’s actions will upset the entire family and a new brawl will start when Mahima comes to confront Goenkas. Keep reading for more updates.

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