Angry lineman cut off the electricity of the police station: Said – I would do a job of Rs 5000 a month, from where should I fill the challan of 6000

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In Shamli district, police was checking in Thanabhawan town area. During checking, a contract worker line man passed from there. The policemen cut his challan for not having a helmet and number plate. The contract worker told the policemen that he is checking the line, so he is not wearing a helmet and is going to get the number plate installed. Angered by this, the contract worker cut off the power of the police station.

Police was checking at Charthaval Tiraha

A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media in Thanabhawan town area of ​​Shamli district. In the video, the lineman is seen cutting off the electricity at the police station. It is being said about the video that lineman Mehtab, a contract worker posted at the power house in Thana Bhavan, was challaned on a motorcycle at Charthaval Tirahe. In which he was fined ₹6000 by the police. After which he got angry and showed his anger by cutting off the electricity of the police station when the electricity bill of the police station was due.

The line man was coming after seeing the line

When the video was investigated, the contract worker lineman says that his salary is ₹ 5000 and his challan of ₹ 6000 was deducted. He was coming after checking the line on the motorcycle, he was not wearing a helmet. The traffic police stopped him and asked for the helmet, he said that I have come after seeing the power line, from now on he will use the helmet and follow the rules, but the police cut his challan saying that the employees of the electricity department robbed If we send more bills and if there is an electrician, then the challan will definitely be deducted.

Outrage over the functioning of electricians

While in front of him, he left many people without even cutting the challan. However, this incident makes it a matter of how a person doing a job of ₹ 5000 will pay a challan of ₹ 6000. At the same time, saying that if there is an electrician, then the challan will definitely be deducted, this has also become a matter of discussion and this method of police has created resentment among the electrical employees. The police personnel in the police station are facing the heat due to the disconnection of the same electrical connection. In this case, the police station president Anil Kumar says that there is no case of power cut in the police station in our knowledge. If so, it will be shown.

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