China’s every move fails, dragon helpless in front of Taiwan’s ‘Bunker Baking’ strategy

Pranoy Upadhyay, Hualin: This calm sea at the eastern end of Taiwan is the East China Sea. Looking at the waves of the sea, it cannot be estimated that how many ships are floating on them carrying gunpowder. At the same time, it is also difficult to estimate how preparations are going on for the war on the edge of this Hualin city of Taiwan. But in a short time the picture becomes clear when the jet engine of the fighter aircraft starts roaring, breaking the sound of the ocean waves. Within seconds the city of Hualin trembles with the sound of roaring fighter planes.

One after the other, the F16 V ie Viper fighter planes fly in the sky. Apparently, the movement of a Chinese aircraft has been recorded close to Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone. Or a Chinese fighter ship has crossed the median line, the news of which has reached the existing Chaishan airbase in Hualin and in a hurry this base has sent these fighter planes for Combat Air Patrol. Clearly.. Taiwan cannot afford to not take lightly any action close to its limits. Day or night, the process of patrolling of fighter planes goes on to protect the borders of Taiwan. That too includes lethal weapons like Anti-ship AGM84 Harpoon missile, lethal air-to-air AIM120 AMRAAM missile and AIM9 Sidewinder missile. Even if crossing limits is a daily routine of China. 

China hasn’t captured Taiwan in 70 years

Bunks of planes made by cutting mountains

Taiwan has the most advanced version of the fighter aircraft 

Todd Mountain Air Operation Center is special

A short distance from Hualin is the Air Operation Center of Toad Mountain, which is called the backbone of Taiwan’s air surveillance. Thanks to this command center in Shizeshan, not only does Taiwan feel safe. Rather, immediate help can be sought from the US present at the Guam base, a thousand km away. This defense system is the first to know the influx of missile attacks or fighter aircraft coming from China and North Korea.

Even if you enter China with your feet, you can get information 

Below the 5-star hotel is the underground Hengshan Military Command Center

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