Amul-Mother Dairy Milk Costly: Amul and Mother Dairy milk costlier by Rs 2 from today, know new prices

Amul-Mother Dairy Milk Costly: This morning’s tea will cost you more than daily because two major milk suppliers of the country have increased the price of milk. Mother Dairy and Amul milk prices have increased by Rs 2 per liter from today. Both the companies had announced this thing yesterday afternoon and have given double blow of inflation to the people.

How much has the price of Amul’s milk increased?
After the increase in the prices of Amul milk by Rs 2, the prices of Amul Gold, Amul Shakti and Amul Taza have increased. From today you will get Amul Gold at Rs 62 per liter, Amul Shakti at Rs 56 per liter and Amul Taza at Rs 50 per litre. On the other hand, if we talk about 500 grams i.e. half liter packet, then half liter packet of Amul Gold will cost Rs 31 and half liter packet of Amul Fresh will cost Rs 25. At the same time, a half-liter packet of Amul Shakti will cost Rs 28.

Mother Dairy’s milk price has increased by how much
After the increase, Mother Dairy Full Cream Milk is now available at the rate of Rs 61 per litre. Earlier it was getting Rs 59 per liter. On the other hand, toned milk is now getting Rs 51 per liter instead of Rs 45. At the same time, cow’s milk is now getting Rs 53 per liter. With this, token milk is now getting Rs 48 per liter instead of Rs 46.

What Mother Dairy spokesperson said
A Mother Dairy spokesperson said that the company is experiencing an increase in various input costs, which have increased manifold during the last 5 months. He further said that the agricultural prices of raw milk alone have increased by about 10-11 per cent in the said period. Similarly, the country has seen a significant increase in feed and fodder costs over the same period due to the earlier heat wave and extended summer season. The increase in agricultural prices is partly being passed on to the consumers, thereby protecting the interests of both the stakeholders – consumers and farmers.

Why did Amul hike prices?
It has been said on behalf of Amul that the company has increased the prices of milk because the total cost and operational cost of the company has increased. The cost of feeding cattle has increased by 20 per cent on a year-on-year basis and the company will have to pass this on to the customers. The prices given to farmers have also been increased by 8-9 percent last year.

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