Amritsar Bomb Plant Case: Wires Linked To Ludhiana; Dugri’s youth also included; sim was provided, hotel to stay

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The involvement of a youth from Ludhiana has also been found in the case of implanting a bomb under the car of a sub-inspector in Amritsar district of Punjab. A senior police officer of the district said that the accused Fatehveer spent the night of August 15 in a 5-star hotel on Ferozepur Road. His links with the youth of Ludhiana are coming to the fore.

Mikki, who lived in Dugri, often used to talk to Fatehveer. What was the role of Mickey in this bomb plant, it is a matter of investigation. Let us tell you that counter intelligence is working continuously in this matter. Today the investigating agencies started investigation in that 5 star hotel. CCTV cameras were checked, in which Fatehveer has been seen.

what role of mickey

So far in the bomb implant, the role of Mikki, a resident of Dugri, has been revealed to the police that Mikki had provided SIMs to the accused Harpal Singh and Fatehveer. In the rest of this case, the police is still investigating further that which other youths of Ludhiana are involved.

Accused Fatehveer.

what was the matter

A bomb was found under his car parked outside the residence of a Punjab Police sub-inspector living in Amritsar city. The youths who came to wash the car in the morning informed the sub-inspector after seeing the wire near the tire of the car. A CCTV footage of this incident also surfaced. The case is of Ranjit Avenue C-Block, which is called the most posh colony of Amritsar.

Here is the house of Dilbag Singh, Sub-Inspector (SI) posted in the CIA staff of Punjab Police. Two youths come every day to wash Dilbag Singh’s cars. Even on Tuesday morning, Manga and her accomplice were cleaning their vehicles parked outside Dilbag Singh’s house. During this, both of them informed Dilbag Singh after seeing a box-like thing lying under the rear wheel of the vehicle.

When Dilbagh Singh reached near the car, he was surprised to see the detonator installed there. He immediately informed the departmental officers. The accused were identified as Harpal Singh and Fatehveer Singh. Harpal Singh is none other than a Punjab Police jawan. For the past few years, he was posted under the protection of Supreme Court lawyer Sandeep Gorsi, resident of Amritsar. The accused was not coming on duty for a few days.
Accused Harpal Singh in a circle with Supreme Court Judge Sandeep Gorsi.

Accused Harpal Singh in a circle with Supreme Court Judge Sandeep Gorsi.

The accused were trying to flee abroad

Preliminary investigation revealed that both the arrested accused were trying to flee abroad. The terrorists sitting abroad had made preparations for their escape even before the incident took place. Both the accused ran straight towards Delhi after implanting the bomb.

Mobile phone revealed the secret

ADGP Internal Security RN Doke had said that a mobile was found, which was sent for forensic investigation. Some such information came out from this mobile itself, after which the police reached closer to the accused. The Anti-Gangster Team of Punjab Police together with the Crime Branch of Delhi arrested both the accused from Delhi after taking action.

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