5 things to focus on when you are mentally or emotionally struggling

Check out the list of five things which can help you to cope with emotional or mental stress.

Life can get challenging at times and when you are emotionally or mentally struggling it is not easy to get out of that cycle. Life becomes dull, days become gloomy and you hardly feel like doing anything. At that time it becomes extremely important to get yourself distracted and focus on the little things that can help you to come out of that zone. (Also read: Top mental health mistakes you must avoid)

According to Dr. Christina, Clinical Psychologist, “We are often focusing on bigger things, we tend to forget about the little things that make us feel better”. She is often seen talking about mental health and suggested five things to focus on when you are mentally or emotionally struggling.

1. Drink water

Have a sip of water when you are emotionally or mentally struggling. Simple but also incredibly easy to forget when we are struggling. Add lemon. Drink it hot with tea. Our brain depends on hydration to function properly. Dehydration zaps our brain with energy, impedes serotonin production, and increases stress hormone activity.

2. Leave the four corners of your room

Literally, force yourself to get out of bed even just for 5 minutes in an effort to accomplish something. Wash your face. Step outside to feel the sun on your skin. Walk down the block. Eat a snack you enjoy and take a few deep breaths.

3. Eat something

Like water, our body and brain need nutrients in order to function. Feelings of depression and anxiety thrive off of inadequate nutrition and often amplify our symptoms. Eat something small, a slice of bread or a piece of fruit.

4. Do some activity

Do something you enjoy for 10 whole minutes. Read a few pages of a book. Doodle or colour. Listen to music. Write a journal. Fully immerse yourself in an activity that brings you even the smallest semblance of joy or peace.

5. Talk to someone

Tell someone you trust that you are having a hard time. We fear being a burden to those around us but in reality, our loved ones want to know when we are struggling. People can’t support us if they don’t know we are in need of support. Always remember that you matter and your pain matters.

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