22 MM of rain in 10 hours in Damoh: The rain which started from around 8 pm on Saturday night still continued, there was intermittent rain in the day as well.

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  • The Rain Which Started From Around 8 Pm On Saturday Night Still Continued, It Rained Intermittently During The Day As Well.

Damoh12 minutes ago

Damoh has received 22 mm of rain in the last 10 hours. In between, the rain stops for a few minutes, but then starts again. This atmosphere prevails throughout the district. While people have breathed a sigh of relief due to the incessant rains, on the other hand, the river drains coming in rural areas have stopped the traffic at many places, due to which people are also facing a lot of trouble. Till last evening Damoh had received 6240 mm of rain. If we talk about the whole day yesterday, till the evening there was 10 mm of rain. It has rained 22 mm since night. The average rainfall of the district is 1246.6 mm. This is the first time of this monsoon when it has been raining continuously for the last 10 hours.

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