Woman arrested for abusing guard in Noida: Society’s security guard opened the gate late, then abused the name of Biharis

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The woman who abused the guard at the Jaypee Society in Sector-126, Noida has been arrested. A video of the arrest has surfaced, in which the woman is seen driving the car herself even in police custody.

The woman who abused the guard at the Jaypee Society in Sector-126, Noida has been arrested on Sunday. A video of the woman has surfaced. It is seen that the security guard of the society delayed in opening the gate. At this the woman got furious. He lowered the glass of the car and started abusing the guard.

He abused 9 times in one and a half minutes. Grabbed the guard’s collar and dragged. The other guard’s companions kept pleading to leave, but he did not stop abusing.

Police has registered a case against Bhavya Roy, a woman who abused her. He is a lawyer. She has been taken into custody, but the shocking thing is that when the woman was taken into custody by the police, she went in her own car and was also driving herself. Earlier, a video of Shrikant Tyagi abusing a woman had surfaced in Grand Omaxe Society of Noida. Srikanth is currently in jail.

The guard said – I have insulted a lot, I will not do the job
The hurt guard also talked about leaving the job. He said, “Enough is enough to bear the humiliation. We are family too. Now I don’t want to work. We work in the society with our full responsibility. Everyone considers women as their sister, mother, but despite being educated, there is no virtuous in the woman. The woman has misbehaved earlier.”

Bhavya Roy was drunk
This whole thing happened on Saturday. It is clearly visible in the video that the woman Bhavya Roy is abusing the guards fiercely and is also using abusive language with other guards. During this, the guards are also running away after escaping from Bhavya Roy, but despite that the woman is abusing them by going to them and holding a guard and pushing. It is being told that Bhavya was under the influence of alcohol.

Social media users said – for how long will women play the victim card?


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