You can pay the rate of your house through credit card on the PhonePe app! Learn How

Rent Payment Through PhonePe App: With the increasing digitization, people nowadays have started making more use of the facility of digital payment options. Nowadays instead of keeping cash, people have started paying for everything through digital medium. Nowadays people also use many types of apps like Nobroker, Red Giraffe, Paytm etc for house rent. Apart from all these apps, you can also pay your house rent with your credit card through UPI digital payment company PhonePe. You can do house work on a monthly basis through a credit card on the PhonePe app.

Customers will have to pay 1.5% extra charge
Let us tell you that the customers who have to pay an additional charge of 1.5% on the rent payment through PhonePe, but with the payment of this charge, you get the benefit of many reward points. If a person has to pay a rate of Rs 20,000 on the PhonePe app through a credit card, then he will have to pay Rs 20,300 for Rs 20,000. In this, Rs 20,000 will have to be paid as rent and 300 as service charge.

This benefit will be available on paying rent from credit card

  • On paying rent by credit card, you will get an extra time of 40 to 50 days to pay the bill.
  • By depositing this money in the form of FD, you can get interest rate on it.
  • You can pay this bill later by converting it into EMI.
  • On making rent payment, you get the benefit of reward points or cashback.

Rent payment process on PhonePe app-
1. For this you open Phone Pe.
2. After this, here you click on the Recharge & Pay Bills option.
3. After this, click on Utilities and select Rent Payment.
4. Then 4 options will appear here in which Home or Shop Rent, Society Maintenance, Broker Payment and Property Deposit option will be seen.
5. Select the option as per your need.
6. If the house rent is to be paid, then by clicking on Home Rent, you open the bank details of the landlord.
7. After that select the credit card and make the payment.
8. After this the payment of rent will be done through phone pay.

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