Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written updates August 22: Vansh hides Kairav in Goenka’s house, Akshara lies to Abhimanyu

The latest episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will bring a new challenge in Akshara’s already complicated life. She finds out that Vansh has brought Kairav ​​to the Goenka’s house but she can’t tell anyone about it, not even Abhimanyu. What will happen when Abhimanyu finds out the big secret? Read this article to know more. (Also read: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written updates August 20: Kairav ​​escapes from prison,

Akshara finds Kairav

It is already revealed that Vansh has brought Kairav ​​into the house and no one is aware so far. When he surreptitiously gets medicines, blankets, etc to help Kairav, Akshara gets suspicious of his behaviour. She follows him and eventually finds Kairav ​​in the house. Vansh insists her to keep it a secret and to even hide it from Abhimanyu. Even though Akshara has promised Abhimanyu that she will inform him of everything about Kairav, she complies with what Vansh says for Kairav. It is going to be an extremely dramatic turn of events when Abhimanyu will find out Akshara’s lie but the question is, will he ever find out the truth about Kairav?

Meanwhile, Mahima manages to get a search warrant for the Goenka house. She plans to leave with the rest of the Birlas to look for Kairav ​​at the Goenkas. Abhimanyu stops them all but doesn’t succeed. Mahima says that Abhimanyu needs to learn from Akshara to stick up with her own family members while Abhimanyu does just the opposite. Continue reading further to find out if the police catch Kairav ​​at the Goenkas or if destiny has some other plans?

Kairav ​​escapes again

Back at the Goenka’s house, Akshara and Vansh panic when they hear the police arriving at the house. Manish tries to convince the police officers but the Birlas insist on searching the house thoroughly. The police begin their investigation. Abhimanyu continues to defend the Goenkas and requests the police to conduct the search peacefully. However, all his attempts fall short in helping the Goenkas. Akshara decides to tell Abhimanyu the truth that Kairav ​​is, in fact, actually hiding in the house. Will this break their relationship or will Abhimanyu help Kairav ​​and Akshara?

We will not get the answer to this question so soon as even before Akshara could say anything to Abhimanyu, the police returns after concluding their search. They announce that Kairav ​​is not there in the house. When everyone leaves, Vansh and Akshara wonder where Kairav ​​would have gone if he was not in the room. Later, Akshara receives a call from Kairav ​​requesting her to come to a secluded place where Kairav ​​is hiding. Interestingly, Abhimanyu overhears the entire conversation and is extremely furious at Akshara for keeping the secret from him.

In the next episode, Abhimanyu will go ahead with his surgery. Dr Kunal Khera proposes an astonishing request to Akshara and more interestingly, he puts the request as a condition to operate on Abhimanyu. Keep reading HT highlights to know more updates.

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