Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written updates August 20: Kairav escapes from prison, Akshara gets into trouble

The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is going to put the Goenkas and Birlas in shock. While Kairav ​​panics and escapes from the jail, Birlas blame Goenkas for helping him. Akshara gets stressed about Kairav ​​after not finding him anywhere. Read this article to know more. (Also read: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai recap: Kairav ​​panics in jail,

Abhimanyu agrees to surgery

Finally some good news for the viewers after a long time in the show. We have seen Akshara and later Harshvardhan trying to convince Abhimanyu for his surgery. Abhimanyu is still in shock by Anisha’s death and continues to delay the operation. But, now he has his final chance, or else Dr Kunal will leave for good. Akshara is getting impatient to hear from him, but Abhimanyu is still in a dilemma. He thinks about what everyone said and finally comes out of his room. The family members are eagerly waiting for his decision and as a pleasant surprise, they hear him talking to Dr Kunal to confirm his surgery dates. Akshara celebrates with everyone else over this good news but the celebration doesn’t last long. Keep reading to know why.

Kairav ​​runs away

Mahima receives a shocking phone call from the police station informing her about Kairav ​​escaping jail. She gets instantly furious at Akshara for constantly siding with Kairav. Harshvardhan calls Kairav ​​guilty because of his actions. Meanwhile, Goenkas also receives this saddening update and gets worried about Kairav ​​and the repercussions of his actions. Before they could do anything to find Kairav, Mahima storms into their house with the rest of the Birlas.

She accuses Goenkas of helping Kairav ​​escape and hiding him in their house. Manish tries to reason with her but Anand and Harsh back Mahima. They attempt to force themselves into the house and search the house. Suhasini loses her calm and asks Mahima to leave before anything worse happens. Neil also convinces the Birlas to leave peacefully and not cause more issues. In the meantime, Abhimanyu comforts Akshara who is extremely flustered after hearing the sad news. Anand decides to call the police to get a search warrant and check Goenka’s house.

Elsewhere, Kairav ​​is seen running away from the police. He notices the police looking for him and hides. Vansh spots and comforts Kairav ​​as he seems severely sick and scared. Kairav ​​tells him his reasons for running away. Akshara reaches the Goenka house to talk to her family. Vansh behaves suspiciously and defends Kairav’s decision. Akshara doubts that something is wrong. Little does she know that Vansh has not helped Kairav ​​go back but brought him into the house.

What will happen when the police find Kairav ​​again, and that too in Goenka’s villa? Will Abhimanyu forgive Akshara for another betrayal? All questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes when the police arrive to search for Kairav. Akshara convinces Vansh to tell Abhimanyu but it gets too late. Keep reading HT highlights for more updates.

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