‘Women give birth to 10 children, you will get 13 lakhs’, Vladimir Putin’s ‘mother heroine’ plan


Russia Ukraine War: After the Corona epidemic and the Russo-Ukraine war, the population crisis in Russia has started deepening. President Vladimir Putin has given a strange decree to increase the population of the country. Putin has announced 13,500 pounds will be given to Russian women to have 10 children and keep them alive. However, this announcement of Vladimir Putin is being seen as his frustration.

50,000 soldiers killed in Russo-Ukraine war
This scheme has been named ‘Mother Heroine’. At the same time, President Putin has declared it as a measure to replenish Russia’s dwindling population. Russian politics and security expert Dr. Jenny Mathers gave this information while talking on Times Radio. Let us tell you that due to the Russo-Ukraine war alone, more than 50,000 Russian soldiers have lost their lives. Whereas thousands of deaths have also taken place in the country due to Corona. President Vladimir Putin’s ‘Mother Heroine’ scheme is being linked to this.

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Money will be given on the first birthday of the tenth child
How expensive Russia has proved to be to war with Ukraine can also be understood from the fact that according to Dr. Jenny Mathers, “Putin has been saying that people with big families are more patriotic.” That is, Putin is talking about a patriot along with producing a bigger family and more children. At the same time, it is also being said that in the midst of the deepening war crisis with Ukraine, efforts are also being made to increase the population of Russia again. Whereas according to the plan, Russian women will be paid a one-time payment of 1 million rubles or 13.5 thousand pounds. On the first birthday of the woman’s tenth child, this money will be given to her. But the condition of the Russian government is that the first nine should also remain alive.

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