Why was the case not registered against MP Bittu?: Vigilance officer was told a thief, AAP government and POLICE under pressure from MP

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  • MP Bittu Had Said Abusive Words To The Vigilance Officers, Despite Receiving The Complaint, The Police Is Not Registering The Case

Ludhiana36 minutes ago

MP Ravneet Singh Bittu had an argument with Vigilance officers while arresting former minister Bharat Bhushan Ashu, accused in the transportation tender scam in Anaj Mandi in Ludhiana district of Punjab. During this, Bittu came in a rage and even called the DSP of Vigilance and the rest of the officers as thieves. Bittu said that you are a thief and like thieves are taking away Ashu.

The video of this incident was also posted on social media. On the night of 22 August, the DSP of Vigilance sent a complaint against Bittu to SSP Vigilance, who marked the complaint and forwarded it to Ludhiana Police Commissioner Kaustubh Sharma. Today a week has passed, but the district police is not listening to the complaint given by the Vigilance.

Police did not register a case against Bittu. There is a discussion in the city that the AAP government is running under the pressure of MP Bittu. Because of this, the Ludhiana Police is also running away from registering a case against Bittu. The big question is that if the Vigilance Officer has given a complaint and the District Police does not act on it, then it in itself reveals the fact that the District Police has surrendered before the MP Bittu.

Let us inform that every day MP Bittu and senior leadership of Congress are staging a sit-in in the park of the city council, right in front of the Vigilance office. The District Police has imposed Section 144 in the city that more than 4 persons cannot gather anywhere, but this order of the police is also proving to be paperwork in front of the Congressmen. The high officials of the district police are also shying away from speaking anything under the pressure of MP Bittu.

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