What does building self-trust looks like? Expert explains

Self-trust is an extremely important thing in order to initiate and develop self-growth. When we come from dysfunctional homes and with a lot of childhood trauma, often our power to have self-trust gets shattered. Then, we are unable to have faith in ourselves. This becomes a major road bump in our route to self-development and self-discovery. Hence, we always fall back on people and get taken for granted. This further shatter our self-motivation and causes emotional harm. In one of her recent posts on Instagram, Psychotherapist Emily H Sanders, referred to the issue of self-trust and wrote, “A lack of trust in ourselves is very detrimental- self-trust acts as an anchor in life. It’s a painful place to be, so kindness for self is extra important in these spaces while you heal.”

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Emily further noted down the signs that can help in building self-trust and gaining our self-motivation back. They are, as follows:

Attention: We often dismiss our own emotions. This can cause emotional harm. We need to respect the way we are feeling and pay attention to it, in order to understand ourselves better.

Thoughts: Our thoughts also need a safe space to be felt and understood. We need to create the same for ourselves.

Habits: Our lifestyle and dietary changes speak a lot about our health. We need to inculcate healthy habits and a healthier lifestyle.

Values: Our values and ethnics should have boundaries and should be respected at all times, by others and also by ourselves.

Basic needs: The basic needs that we feel are important, should be respected and met at all times.

Vulnerability: When we lack self-trust, we often feel scared to show our vulnerabilities to others. However, that can affect us adversely. We should try to be confident in showing our vulnerabilities and ensure that our emotions get a proper space to be understood.

Promises: The promises and the assurances that we make to ourselves should be kept. This will increase our confidence in ourselves.

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