‘We are also confident, capable and determined to protect our security’ – Taiwan’s bluntness to China


China-Taiwan Tension: Taiwan’s F-16 fighter jets roared in the night sky in front of the media on Wednesday and showed that it is capable of responding to China. The army (Taiwan Air Force) demonstrated its determination to protect Taiwan. China, which claims Taiwan as its territory, is conducting military exercises around the island following the visit of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi earlier this month. On Sunday and Monday, five US lawmakers visited Taiwan.

China upset with Nancy Pelosi’s visit

Taiwan’s military said it conducted combat drills in its territory on Monday as a group of US lawmakers visited the Chinese-claimed island and met with President Tsai Ing-wen. He said his government was committed to maintaining stability. Pelosi’s visit enraged China, which responded with a test launch of ballistic missiles over Taipei for the first time and sent warships and fighter jets closer to Taiwan, although the maneuvers have now been reduced.

Taiwan’s army is also doing maneuvers

Taiwan’s military is conducting its maneuvers at the main Hualien airport on its mountainous east coast. The military demonstrated its ground crew to respond to China, Taiwan also appeared to rapidly upload weapons on its Boeing Company (BA) aircraft F-16s to respond to China’s military maneuvers and its Harpoon Anti Ship missiles were also used during the maneuvers. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry spokesman Sun Li-fang told reporters that he condemned China’s actions, but it was a good opportunity for Taiwan’s forces to hone their skills.

“We will use this opportunity to test all the training we normally do and through this to improve our existing methods and increase our combat effectiveness,” he said.

Taiwan said – confident, capable and determined

Using the formal name of Taiwan, Sun said, “The forces of the Republic of China Taiwan are confident, capable and determined to defend their country’s security.” While Taiwan’s fighters, including Huilien’s F-16s, have been conducting repeated maneuvers since the beginning of this month, the ministry has emphasized Taiwan’s “quiet” response, saying no such conflict has yet occurred. F-16 pilot Jongo Lin said, “I would not say that there has been a lot of change from the Chinese side, but our frequency of maneuvers is high and the tension is high.

Taiwan’s President said – we do not want to incite tension

“Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen has said that he is not trying to incite or escalate tensions. Hualien Base, which has a hangar cut off from the side of a mountain, has two pilots on duty at any one time. They are sitting in their flight suits and they are capable of hitting the air within six minutes.

The fighter jet also featured on display the Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N) F-16V, which is Taiwan’s most up-to-date fighter jet. Taiwan is converting its 141 F-16A/B jets to the F-16V type and has additionally ordered 66 new F-16Vs, with new avionics, weapons and radar systems to better counter the Chinese Air Force. Which also has its J-20 stealth fighters.

Taiwanese soldiers can also carry F-16Vs Raytheon Technologies Corp (RTX.N)’s advanced AIM-9X Sidewinder air-to-air missiles. The government of Taiwan maintains that since the People’s Republic of China has never ruled the island, it has no right to claim it or decide its future, which can only be determined by the people of Taiwan. .

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