Ward reservation in Alirajpur district: Process done in the presence of SDM in the wards of Chandrashekhar Azad Municipal Council

Alirajpur41 min ago

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The process of reservation was done for 15 wards in Chandrashekhar Azad Nagar Nagar Parishad of Alirajpur district.

In this process, SDM Kiran Anjana, NP President Nirmala Davar, former MLA Madho Singh Davar and CMO Iqbal Manihar got it done.

Reservation of wards was done by putting a letter here. See where which ward was reserved…

Ward – Reservation

1 – ST free

2- Scheduled Tribes woman

3- a. Go. free

4 – Scheduled Tribes woman

5 – Scheduled Tribes free

6 – Scheduled Tribes free

7 – Scheduled Tribes woman

8 – unreserved female

9- Unreserved woman

10- unreserved free

11- STs woman

12- Unreserved woman

13- Unreserved free

14- Unreserved woman

15- SC free

There is more news…

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