Vihaan Samat on getting facing rejections before Mismatched: Initially I would let things affect me

Actor Vihaan Samat admits that a “whirlwind of change” has occurred in the last couple of months since his show Eternally Confused and Eager for Love started streaming. “It has been a dream of mine to act as the lead in a show. (Though) I don’t sit and celebrate for too long. I feel like the battle is yet to be won,” Samat shares.

Mention if he is flooded with thirsty messages and Samat nonchalantly divulges they are all “PG”. The actor still recalls how his stint in Mismatched (2020) got him a taste of overnight fame. “Just overnight, my followers crossed 10k, my DMs were flooded so much that my battery was drained. I was noticed in gyms in Jaipur. It was bizarre and crazy,” he recollects.

Samat “tested for a lot of auditions” after he landed in India in 2019 as he finished his studies in New York. “Initially, I would let things affect me (like) if I didn’t get a callback. There were a lot of projects that I wish I did. I questioned (myself) if it was meant for me. Maybe if I started earlier, I’d know more people,” Samat elaborates, further explaining that after a point, he only started focusing on his work.

Currently, he is working on two plays and is back on stage after a hiatus of three years. The actor confesses that getting back on stage after such a long gap is “of course” daunting. “It is daunting. I was flipping backstage in the initial shows. But now I feel like I have got this kind of flow where I can be more relaxed. In theatre, your nerves have to be under control so that is hard. But with the right people around, it all came together,” he concludes.

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