Vehicle rally on the birth anniversary of Dharanidhar: Dhakad Samaj celebrated Balram Jayanti, echoed cheers

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Like every year on Wednesday, under the aegis of All India Dhakad Youth Association, Sehore, this year also the birth anniversary of its beloved Lord Dharanidhar Balram was celebrated by Dhakad Samaj with tradition and enthusiasm. Along with organizing religious and social programs, a procession was taken out in the city by placing Lord Dharanidhar Balram in a palanquin. On this occasion, youths also took out Haldhar in a vehicle rally.

On Wednesday, a grand vehicle rally was started under the aegis of All India Dhakad Yuva Sangh Sehore at Bhopal block of the city. On this occasion, a large number of people including district panchayat member DP Dhakad, former Bhopal district panchayat president Manmohan Nagar, state vice-president Rajendra Nagar and district president Gabbar Patel were present as chief guests in the vehicle rally.

At 12 o’clock in the afternoon, along with the youth of Dhakad society, a large number of residents celebrated the birth anniversary of Dharanidhar with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. The vehicle rally was also accorded a grand welcome at many intersections and intersections of the city. The vehicle rally reached Patel Niwas located at Indore Naka in the city through various routes of the city, where all the people collectively performed aarti of God and distributed Maha Prasad.

The unity of the society and organized and also gave the mantra to remove the evils spread in the society.

Youth including seniors also enthusiastically participated in the worship program. On this occasion, the dignitaries of the society in their address also gave the mantra of unity of the society and organized and to remove the evils spread in the society. Ideas were also expressed about how to celebrate Dharanidhar Jayanti in future. Prasad was distributed on the concluding occasion. During the program, the chief guest Dhakad said that our society is completely united, for the last two years no major event could be organized due to the corona epidemic, but now by organizing meetings in urban and rural areas, he has organized to re-organize the society. emphasized.

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