Veerangana Avantibai’s birth anniversary celebrated in Lalitpur: Minister of State Manohar Lal said – Veerangana Avanti Bai Lodhi was important in liberating the country

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In Lalitpur, the birth anniversary of Veerangana Avanti Bai Lodhi was celebrated with great pomp, many programs were held from place to place. While many leaders, including the Minister of State for Labor and Service Planning, Manohar Lal Panth, Mannu Kori, remembered Avanti Bai by garlanding her, while the people of Lodhi community remembered Avanti Bai.

fought at a young age

While garlanding the statue of Avantibai Lodhi located at Tuvan Square, Minister of State Manohar Lal Panth said that Avanti Bai Lodhi has played an important role in the independence of the country. He laid down his life for the sake of the country. During this, Sadar MLA Ramratan Kushwaha said that today we are celebrating independence, we are able to celebrate this celebration due to the sacrifice of the heroes and freedom fighters. And even sacrificed his life.

People of Lodhi Samaj celebrating the death anniversary of Veerangana Avantibai.

People of Lodhi community were present

On the other hand, under the leadership of State General Secretary of Lodhi Mahasabha, Gandharv Singh Lodhi, the people of the society made the birth anniversary of Avanti Bai Lodhi. During this, he said that Avanti Bai Lodhi has laid down her life for the freedom struggle. Apart from this, All India Lodhi Officers, Employees Union also garlanded the statue of Avantibai Lodhi by reaching the site. Many people including Puran Singh Rajput, Mulayam Singh, Vikram Singh, Jagdish Verma, Girwal Singh, Tulsi Narayan, Kirat Singh, Shashikant, Devendra Singh, Nandkishore Rajput were present on this occasion.

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