Vaani Kapoor: If I keep fretting over what others are doing, I will lose my focus

Actor Vaani Kapoor has made peace with the thought that her career arc and decisions will always be compared to her colleagues from the industry, and doesn’t get bogged down, and admits that she is always up for healthy competition.

“When it comes to one actor being compared to another, or pitted against another, I am so detached from it. Once I am on a film set, or working on a project, I am fulfilled doing that project. I want to give it all my concentration and the focus is (always) on my work,” Kapoor says, and adds, “But yeah, people do compare constantly. Sometimes it feels okay, because we are public figures, people want to draw comparisons, and people want to do what they want, but you don’t have to get too affected by it.”

The 33-year-old, who was last seen in period drama Shamshera, admits that her work distracts her from such noise. She elaborates, “You need to be a horse with blinders on and keep acing what comes your way. And put all your energy into that. Because if I keep fretting over what others are doing, I will lose my focus and my dedication. So, I prefer to focus on my work. I don’t try to create that pressure.”

Here, Kapoor notes, “But when you talk about healthy competition, that’s amazing. That’s because it also keeps you encouraged to do better and do good work. It kind of challenges you to push yourself more”.

“It pushes you to work and become more hardworking and excel in whatever you’re doing. So, I don’t take it that I don’t get too bogged down by it,” ends the actor.

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