Urfi Javed’s life in danger after ‘molester’ arrest? sharp shooter called

Urfi Javed Threat : Actress Urfi Javed Sharp, who gets trolled on internet sensation and social media, is on target of the shooter. Urfi himself has given information about this. Urfi has written a post on his Instagram story in which he has told that Obed Afridi (who has been arrested recently) and his best friend have called Urfi through a sharp shooter. The actress has also informed the police about this.

What is the whole matter?
Actually, a person named Obed Afridi was harassing (exploiting) Urfi for a long time. About which Urfi had also written in one of his posts and after giving information about this to the Mumbai Police, lodged a complaint against him. After which the police had also arrested that person. Now the actress claims that the best friend or girlfriend of the accused has called her through a sharp shooter and she is threatening the actress to delete the post.

What is written in the post?
The actress wrote in her post, ‘This man Obed Afridi and his so-called girlfriend or boyfriend have called me through a sharp shooter. I am being threatened to delete my post. I have given the police the names of the sharp shooters which they told me and the evidence to the police. People try to intimidate you when you stand up for what is right, but always remember when a woman stands up for herself, she actually stands up for every woman. Let us inform that apart from this, Urfi has shared a post in which he has told that after the arrest of Obed, he got messages from many girls whom he used to harass.

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