Urfi Javed’s anger erupted on Boycott Trend, said- why don’t you boycott the rapist…

Urfi Javed On Bollywood Trend: For the past few days, Bollywood films are becoming depraved. People expected that the big stars would cross the Nayya of Bollywood, but the magic of B-Town queen Kangana Ranaut, handsome actor Ranbir Kapoor and Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan also did not work on the audience. . Meanwhile, the trend of boycotting films has also started for some time. It is believed that due to this also the earnings of the films have been affected a lot.

Bollywood celebrities are expressing their anger on this boycott trend. Meanwhile, Internet sensation Urfi Javed has also given his response. Urfi Javed is known for his outspoken style. She freely expresses her opinion on any issue. The actress has expressed anger over the boycott of Bollywood films.

Urfi Javed spoke on Boycott

Recently, Urfi Javed in a conversation with the paparazzi expressed anger over the boycott trend. Urfi said, “Why don’t you guys boycott the rapist. Why don’t I watch such news for rapists and such people. Why don’t we boycott criminals? Urfi also said that such a wave is not seen for rapists.

Arjun’s anger has also erupted.

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor’s film ‘Ek Villain 2’ was released recently, but could not do well at the box office. Recently, he expressed anger over the boycott trend, saying that the water has gone above the head. Arjun had also said that if he does not release a movie worth 500 crores, then people will know. Due to this, he was also trolled a lot.

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