Ukraine troops attack Russian headquarters, 200 paratroopers killed

Russia Ukraine War: Ukraine has killed 200 paratroops of Russia by attacking the Russian Headquarters. The Regional Governor of Ukraine has given information about this. He said the attack was carried out by troops to take down a Russian base in the Ukraine occupied East. 200 Russian Airborne Troops have been shot down.

Serhi Haidai, governor of Ukraine’s Luhansk administrative district, gave this information through a telegram post on Friday. He said Ukrainian troops had successfully attacked a Russian base set up in a hotel in the occupied city of Kadivka. Let us tell you that Russia’s war momentum in the eastern regions of Ukraine has now come to a standstill because it has also been six months since the conflict.

Haidai also shared the image of the building in the post.
Haidai’s governorship has made him the military leader for the region. The post released by him also included images of the war-battered building, in which he said the Russian military had been using it as a base since 2014.

Russian army intensified war in the eastern Donbas region of Ukraine
Russian forces diverted their war effort toward the country’s eastern Donbass region after failing to capture Ukraine’s capital Kyiv. Haidai reported in June that Ukrainian forces had destroyed a base in Kadivka used by the Russian mercenary Wagner Group. However, Russia took control of major cities in the region in the summer. The Kremlin recently said it had slowed down its offensive to reduce the toll on civilians. This explanation was doubted by the Ukrainian authorities and its Western allies. The reason for this was the heavy damage caused by the Russian army.

UK The Ministry of Defense gave an update on the situation in Ukraine
Meanwhile, the UK Defense Ministry in a tweet on Tuesday gave an update on the situation in Ukraine, saying, “Donbass offensive is making minimal progress and Russia is expecting a major Ukrainian counter-attack.” “Operationally, Russia is facing a shortage of munitions, vehicles and personnel.”

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