Tuesday Bhasma Aarti Darshan: Adorable makeup with ornaments by wearing Tripund and Trinetra on the head

Ujjain18 minutes ago

During the Bhasma Aarti at the world famous Shri Mahakaleshwar temple at 3 am on Sunday, Lord Mahakal gave darshan of Trinetra by wearing the head tripod. First of all the doors of the temple were opened in the morning. After bathing Lord Mahakal with water with chanting, Abhishek was worshiped with Panchamrit made from milk, curd, ghee, honey fruit juice.

Lord Mahakal was adorned as a charming king with cannabis, sandalwood, vermilion and ornaments. Wearing Tilak, Tripunda, Trinetra on the head, a silver crown of Sheshnag, a silver garland and a garland of silver studded Rudraksha, along with a garland of flowers made of fragrant flowers, was offered.


Enjoyed fruits and sweets. Devotees who arrived in large numbers for Bhasma Aarti took the blessings of Baba Mahakal. Bhasma was offered to Lord Mahakal from the side of Maha Nirvani Akhara.

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