Tribute paid to potholes in Indore: Slogans raised by offering flowers, know what is the whole matter

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Congress’s unique performance

On Thursday, a different view was seen on some streets of the city in Indore. Some people came out on the streets carrying necklaces and flowers and paid tribute to the pits by wearing necklaces. They also raised slogans sitting near the pits. Let us tell you what is this whole matter.

In fact, all the front, organization and cell in-charge of Indore City Congress Committee and MP. Under the leadership of Rajiv Vikas Kendra State President Devendra Singh Yadav, Congressmen took to the streets on Thursday. He tried to attract the attention of the Indore Mayor and the BJP Council by making a unique demonstration about potholes in the train station area. The Congressmen paid homage to the pits and raised slogans by offering garlands and flowers on the pits made at various places. The Congress leader alleges that due to the rain, potholes have formed on the roads at many places. The municipal corporation hastily put mud and powder in the patchwork, due to which there is mud there in the rain and vehicles slip. which are causing the accident.

The pits are not visible to the responsible
They allege that these pits of the responsible officers of the Municipal Corporation are not visible every day. Many vehicles also pass through these routes. Due to which there is a fear of overturning the vehicles and causing accidents. To attract further attention of this carelessness, this unique performance was done. Devendra Yadav says that by performing this, he tried to awaken the responsible and this campaign will continue continuously.

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