Traveling in Rahul Gandhi’s truck was very negligent: Vij said – seeking SPG from the court; But they didn’t think it necessary to inform the police

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Haryana Home and Health Minister Anil Vij has termed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s travel in a truck from Ambala to Chandigarh as a big negligence. Vij said that although he (Rahul Gandhi) goes to the court everyday for the demand of SPG, but this is a big lapse in security. Sitting in an unknown truck.

Vij said that if he had to take a truck tour, he would have told them that he would have sent the truck with security from here. Roam around in the truck as much as you want. It is good that he is roaming in the truck only, let the people also know. Even Rahul Gandhi did not inform the Haryana Police.

He said that when there is a change in the program, it should be informed. Please inform that on Tuesday morning Rahul Gandhi reached Chandigarh in a truck from Ambala while going from Delhi to Shimla.

Vij said – ‘There will be no oil, neither will Radha dance’
MP Deepender Hooda has promised free electricity on the lines of Karnataka in Haryana. On which Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij retorted that ‘neither nine man oil will be there nor Radha will dance’. Vij said that Hooda’s government will never come. That’s why they keep saying whatever they want, and no one gets fooled by them. Hooda had given many bluffs to the people earlier also and people have seen what he did after coming to power.

Congress vows to oppose
At the same time, while retaliating against the Congress protesting about the new Parliament building, Anil Vij said that the Congress has taken an oath that it has to oppose good work. He said that our yardstick is that when the Congress opposes, they come to know that we are doing good work.

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Rahul’s truck journey from Ambala to Chandigarh: During the 50 km journey sat beside the driver, talked; Have gone to Shimla to meet Sonia

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi covered the 50 km journey from Ambala to Chandigarh by truck on Monday night. Actually, he had left Delhi for Shimla by car in the afternoon. Party workers told that Rahul talked to the truck drivers during this period and also listened to their problems. (Read full news)

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