Traffic Rules: Heavy horn, modified silencer installed in vehicles will have to be fined

Traffic Police Will Run A Campaign In India : If you modify your car, bike and are using heavy horn, silencer. So you need to be careful. Let us tell you that the traffic police of Delhi has started a special campaign against such vehicle owners.

information on twitter
Delhi Traffic Police has informed people about this campaign on its official Twitter account. Police have written that, ‘Those who install pressure horn, modified silencer in vehicles will be fined heavily. Also, noise will not be tolerated in Delhi. The people of Delhi have welcomed this step of the police on Twitter.

starting today, #DelhiTrafficPolice shall be penalising those who use pressure horns and modified silencers in their vehicles.#DelhiMeinShorNahi

— Delhi Traffic Police (@dtptraffic) August 20, 2022” title=”” target=””>

will have to pay a fine
In this regard, Delhi Police has informed that action was taken against those who did this in Delhi earlier also, now more attention will be given to them. People who violate traffic rules use pressure horns and modified silencers, fines will be imposed on those who create noise pollution. Under Rule 39/192 of the Motor Vehicles Act, use of a pressure horn can attract a fine of up to Rs 10,000. If you are repeatedly blowing this horn in a restricted or quiet area, then a fine of Rs 2 thousand can be imposed.

Police will take the help of technology
Let us tell you that Delhi Traffic Police will use new technology for challaning people. The police is going to have an agreement with the Center for Development Advance Computing. With this, there will be advance cameras on the roads and with their help the challan will be deducted. Right now there are some problems in this technology, about which discussions are going on with a company in England.

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