This is not a riot of bulls…: In Khandwa’s bullion market, Vagad was attacked in a bull-bull fight… entered the houses, broke the vehicles; VIDEO

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  • In The Bull bull Fight In Khandwa’s Bullion Market, Vagad Entered The Houses, Broke The Vehicle; VIDEO

Khandva44 minutes ago

In Khandwa Municipal Corporation, when the cattle catcher starts taking over the responsibility of the officer, it is justified that daily bulls will fight on the roads and people will keep getting injured. On Friday, two bulls clashed again in Ramganj of bullion market. When the road was stopped, the bike-scooty glasses standing nearby broke the masks. When the residents kept raining water on the fighting bulls, then the fire started burning in the minds of the troubled people against the system.

Bullion businessman Premanshu Jain told that this morning itself, corporation commissioner Savita Pradhan was called and informed that cattle are roaming in the market. Catch them, many bulls are also roaming around. But the responsible corporation commissioner did not take any care. In the evening, two bulls fought at the Jain temple. When I shared the video of the bull fight on social media, the corporation staff reached the spot late in the evening but nothing came out of their hands. In this market, last year the life of an old man of Sindhi society had lost his life. The glass of Sujal Patel’s scooty, passing through here, broke due to the terror of the bull. He said – Vagad was killed in the bull-bull fight.

Corporation staff reached without vehicle

When the corporation staff reached the spot, he left without any vehicle. The bull was caught but it was imprisoned in the house of a resident. The channel gate has been installed from outside. Now the vehicle is being waited for, so that it can be sent to the cowshed.

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