This app will make your smartphone a CCTV Camera, will be able to monitor the whole house without spending money

Smartphone Camera Tips: Most of the people are concerned about the safety of their homes. If proper security arrangements are not made in the house, then thieves can break into the house by targeting them. In such a situation, the incident of theft can be carried out at home in your absence. Now to avoid such incidents, most people get closed circuit cameras (CCTV) installed in their homes. However, not everyone has the budget to get it installed. The cost of getting it installed comes up to Rs 5000 to 20,000.

If you are also worried about the security of your home and your budget is not to install CCTV, then today we are going to tell you such a way, with the help of which you will be able to monitor the house without spending any money. You must have an old smartphone to protect your home as we have described. Along with this there should be internet connection. Let us know about this method in detail.

Download this app

If you are thinking of installing a low-cost camera in your home, then you have to download the Alfred Camera app on your old smartphone. Also, you have to download this app on your new smartphone as well. This app works to make your smartphone a CCTV camera. Once you download this app on your new and old smartphone, then you have the option that you can use one of the two smartphones as a camera and the other smartphone as a monitor.

How Alfred Camera works

After downloading the app in both the smartphones, all you have to do is decide which smartphone you want to play the role. After this is disassembled, you have to fit the smartphone with the camera at a location from where you can easily monitor your home. After doing this process, you have to offer charging to the smartphone, so that the smartphone does not get discharged. After this you have to connect both the smartphones with a high speed internet connection. It is also to be taken care that the place where you have installed your smartphone with camera is covered, so that the effect of dust, sun and rain cannot be affected on it.

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