The story of Kevin, who beat Einstein and Stephen Hawking’s brains in just 11 years

Autistic Boy Kavin’s Has Highest IQ: It is said that the one who moves ahead after beating the troubles of life is called Sikandar of Muqaddar and 11-year-old Kevin Sweeney is Sikandar there. Even though Autism has made him different from the normal people of the world, but he has not only proved himself to be the best, but the world’s legendary brains Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking’s IQ (IQ) also left behind. Today the world is accepting the iron of Kevin’s brain power. Kevin’s IQ test score is 162. With this score, he has joined the one percent section of the world whose brain is considered to be the best.

The wonder of Kevin’s brain was visible since six years

11-year-old Kevin Sweeney, who lives in Fife, Scotland, has autism. But this disease has not been able to create problems for them. He was a very smart child. At the age of six, he knows the periodic table. Not only this, he could study even before going to primary school. He is fond of quizzes and game shows. Kevin took an IQ test at the Quaker Meeting House in Edinburgh and scored 162 in it. Significantly, Stephen Hawking’s IQ is 160. Albert Einstein never officially gave an IQ test, but his IQ is believed to be the same as Hawking’s. Seeing Kevin’s score, he is also invited to join Mensa, the world’s oldest IQ society.

Was the only child to take the IQ test

Kevin’s father Eddie Sweeney told that Kevin was the only child in the Quaker meeting house. He told that we thought Kevin would get nervous seeing the older people present there, but we were surprised when he said to the people present there, “Hi, I’m Kevin.” Kevin’s parents say that they are proud of Kevin. Kevin’s mother Laura says that Kevin became very happy knowing about the result. He started running around the garden in joy. His mother Laura tells that this success means a lot to him.

He said that there are many challenges in Kevin’s life. Her parents say that we want to help her to enhance her existing abilities. Want to give him every chance in life that normal kids of his age get. She says that Kevin is a genius and I do not take this word lightly. Laura says that Kevin can easily answer all the questions on The Chase, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Only Connect. Even Kevin answered the 250,000 pound bounty before the game had an option.

Kevin’s passion is music

Kevin’s mother tells that when a question was asked about the fare of Harry Potter’s bus in another show. Kevin had called the answer given by the organizers wrong and he was adamant on this. After this he went to the floor where the book was kept. Kevin found the page from that book in which the exact fare of the Harry Potter bus was written. However, in the Harry Potter movie, the bus fare is shown differently from the book. Kevin’s mother says that his biggest passion is music. He sings and plays chanter, piano and guitar.

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