The result of the negligence of the owner, the hungry dog ​​chewed his own tail

Hungry Dog Chewed Its Own Tail: In Cheshire, England, a case of a hungry dog ​​chewing his own tail has come to light. There a dog care center has given shelter to this dog. Currently, this dog named Poppy is in a dog care center of Alsager Animals in Need. This dog is 2 years old and it was brought to this center only a few months ago. This dog was brought here in very bad condition. When the matter came to the fore, the dog’s owner has been sent to jail along with a ban on keeping the animal for 3 years.

The bad condition of the dog happened due to the carelessness of the mistress

According to the report of the Daily Star, his mistress was very careless about Poppy. Even in his illness, his mistress did not take care of him. Poppy’s bones came out from hunger, but the mistress did not have any pity. In such a situation, one day Poppy, suffering from hunger, chewed her own tail. The Daily Star report states that Poppy is now at the Alsager Animals in Need dog care center in Cheshire, England. The dog care center told that when he was brought to the center, the front part of the dog’s tail was badly cut. Dog Poppy’s condition is improving now.

Finding a new owner for a dog

Assistant Animal Coordinator Lisa Williams says that when Poppy was brought for treatment, she was not even in a standing condition. Fat had almost disappeared from his body. With Poppy’s eardrums getting damaged, her spinal cord was filled with pus, and cysts had formed in many parts of the body. It took him a long time to recover, now the care center is looking for new owners for Poppy.

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