The photo of Ludhiana CP is being cheated by the commissioner, the commissioner put up the WhatsApp status, write – avoid the swindlers, don’t send money if anyone asks for my photo


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Giving information, Ludhiana Police Commissioner Kaustubh Sharma.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Giving information, Ludhiana Police Commissioner Kaustubh Sharma.

In Ludhiana, Punjab, the spirit of fraudsters has increased so much that by putting the photo of Ludhiana Police Commissioner on WhatsApp DP, sending messages to police employees and officers are being asked to send money. Such messages have come to many police officers.

In this case, Ludhiana Police Commissioner Kaustubh Sharma took strict action. Commissioner Sharma told that today he got a call from one of his police officers and he said that Sir, a message has come from a number with your photo to recharge Amazon, which is a fraud.

He told that the police officers are also being asked to click on the link by sending him on WhatsApp. The accused has also asked the police officers to send him a gift card. CP Sharma said that in this case he asked the police personnel and the residents of the city to avoid such frauds.

WhatsApp status posted by Ludhiana Police Commissioner on his mobile.

WhatsApp status posted by Ludhiana Police Commissioner on his mobile.

He has also ordered the Cyber ​​Crime Wing to trace the accused. CP put WhatsApp status on his mobile to protect people and police employees from fraudsters and wrote on it that if someone asks for money by putting my photo on DP, then do not send money to him. Immediately file a complaint with the police.

Let us tell you that the fraudsters are using the picture of CP Sharma to demand money from the police personnel. Sharma said that some police officers had shown him the WhatsApp messages received on his phone. The sender of the message used the picture as a profile picture. He immediately alerted the police and also ordered the officers to trace the fraudsters.

There was an attempt to cheat LIT employees with the photo of DC

Let us tell you that on May 20, fraudsters had tried to dupe two employees of Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) by sending them links on WhatsApp by asking them to click on the photographs of Deputy Commissioner Surabhi Malik. When the employees cross checked, it was found that the number was not of Surbhi Malik.

He informed the matter to DC Malik, who had lodged a complaint with Police Commissioner Kaustubh Sharma. Sharma entrusted the investigation to the cyber cell, after which a case would be registered. Earlier, fraudsters tried to dupe people by using the picture of former Director General of Police VK Bhavra as their WhatsApp profile picture.

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