The DM inspected the Ganga cutting area: took stock of the percupine, said- officers should keep an eye on the water level of the Ganges

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The water level of Ganga is increasing and decreasing every day. Equal water is being released from the dams in the west. With this, the Ganges can rise at any time. In view of this, today the Unnao District Magistrate inspected the Ravidas Nagar cutting area. Where he saw the reality of the geo tube installed to stop the erosion from the officials of the Sharda Canal Irrigation Section. Along with this, the revenue officials were instructed to keep a constant watch on the water level of Ganga.

Due to the rise in the water level of the Ganges, for the last several years, there is intermittent cutting in front of Ravidas Nagar Basti. Many houses, agricultural land and a temple have been cut and merged in the Ganges in Katan. This time to save the settlement, the Unnao Sharda Canal Irrigation Division has done the work of laying Geobags and Percupines. Due to which the cutting has stopped.
Unnao DM inspected Ganga Katna areas.

Unnao DM inspected Ganga Katna areas.

On Wednesday morning, District Magistrate Apoorva Dubey, SDM Ankit Shukla and Irrigation Department officials reached Ravidas Nagar harvesting site. Where they were put to stop the cutting. Saw the reality of the Jio tube, while also took stock of the percupine inserted in the middle of the geo tube.

DM said that before the flood, assessment is being done that how far the geo-tubes inserted will be effective if the water level rises rapidly. To what extent will the erosion be stopped? He also held discussions with the officials of the Irrigation Department. Along with this, he directed the Irrigation Department to keep a constant watch on the harvesting. No one can be harmed by this.

During this, he also informed about the water level of Ganga. Where the water level rises, he instructed the revenue officials to be alert and asked them to keep an eye on the water level. Asked to give information about rise in water level, flood and erosion. Revenue personnel have also been deployed to know the condition of the coastal areas when the water level rises.

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