The dead body of the young man was found in the park, there was a possibility of murder: used to work with the property dealer, some woman is being suspected

Jalandhar7 minutes ago

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Dead body lying in the park and police officers investigating

There is an atmosphere of panic in the area after the dead body was found in Charanjit Singh Children’s Park on a 120 foot road in Jalandhar’s Bastiat area. People are suspecting murder. The youth whose body was found used to work with a property dealer. In the evening, a woman called the young man’s house and informed that his son is suffering in the park, see him. When the family reached the park, there was silence and late night the dead body of the young man was lying on the back side of the park.

People say that the young man has been killed. After that his body was thrown in the park. Meanwhile, it is also being feared that the young man had a relationship with the woman who gave the information by phone, lest she got murdered. However, the police say that until the post-mortem report comes, it is too early to call it a murder. He said the real cause of death would be known only after the post-mortem.

The mother of the youth, who was in a bad condition in the park, told that her son used to work with a property dealer. When the elderly woman was asked whether she had any enmity or enmity with anyone. On this the mother of the deceased said that she had no enmity with anyone. He used to go to work in the morning and return home in the evening. But if he did not return till late tonight, he suspected something untoward. This suspicion turned out to be true.

Journalists also spoke to the woman who had informed about the young man by phone. The woman’s own statements did not match with the scene of the incident. The woman said that the youth had fallen at the front gate of the park. While the dead body of the youth was found on the back side of the park. She could not even give proper information about how the woman knew the young man. It is suspected that the woman was also with the young man.

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