The case of the death of Alexander’s daughter, close to Vladimir Putin, raised in the United Nations

Daria Dugina Killing: The case of the death of Daria Dugina, daughter of Alexander Duggina, who is said to be the brainchild of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has been raised in the United Nations. In this case, the United Nations has demanded a full investigation so that all the facts related to the murder can come out. Russia has accused Ukraine of killing Daria.

Russian news agency Sputnik quoted Stephen Dujarric, the chief spokesman of the United Nations, as saying that the UN has called for a full investigation to establish all the facts regarding the murder of Russian political scientist Daria Dugina.

Russia accuses Ukraine of murder

Russia’s Federal Security Service said on Monday that Ukraine was behind the killing. According to the FSB, Ukrainian national Natalya Vovk committed the murder and then fled Russia to Estonia. So there, according to Sputnik’s report, Dujarric, while talking to reporters, said that we demand an investigation to establish all the facts behind Duggina’s death.

How did the death happen?

Daria Dugina, 29, died in Moscow on Saturday evening when she was returning from an event with her father and Russian philosopher Alexander Dugina. There was a loud explosion in Dugina’s car and that car turned into a ball of fire. However, Russian security agencies suspect that Natalya’s target was Alexander Dougina as the bomb was fitted in his vehicle.

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