Taapsee Pannu says Koffee With Karan is ‘just a chat show’: ‘How has a show become a validation?’

Taapsee Pannu has opened up about her comment on not being invited for Koffee With Karan because her “sex life is not interesting enough”. The actor has now said that her life is boring without any linkups to talk about on the chat show which is definitely not her “cup of coffee”. Taapsee is currently in relationship with former badminton player and Olympics medal winner Mathias Boe. Also read: Taapsee Pannu slams KRK for ‘trying to harm’ Bollywood: ‘Imagine how foolish these people are’

In an Instagram live with Stutee Ghosh of Fever 104, Taapsee expressed her surprise at how “how a show has become a validation” for actors. She said, “it is just a chat show hosted by Karan Johar,” implying that her non-participation shouldn’t be a matter of concern.

Opening up about her comment on not being invited for Koffee With Karan, Taapsee said, “I have a boring life, what will you ask me? Which linkups, which relationships? All exciting part of my life is out in open. But that’s not exciting enough to be spoken on that kind of show. It can be spoken about on a news talent show.”

Taapsee just saw the release of her film Dobaaraa in theatres on Friday. Despite positive reviews and good word of mouth, the film collected just 72 lakh as it released on only 370 screens.

During the live chat with Fever 104, Taapsee also opened up about her relationship with Mathias whom she knows since a decade. “Now it’s on autopilot mode, We don’t have romantic sunset pics,” she said. Talking about Mathias Boe, Taapsee said, “He was never into social media, he still isn’t. That helps me also, he is not of much interest for people on social media.”

She also made it clear that they won’t be getting married at least until the end of 2023 because of unavailability of dates. On being asked about his one quality that she loves, Taapsee said, “He is a very, very self-made person, that’s most attractive thing about him, he is very very sorted.”

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