Sweeper was murdered in love affair: 4 accused including father arrested, girlfriend and her brother absconding; The youth went missing on May 13

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This photo is of the arrested accused. The police have sent all four to jail.

Banda Police has arrested four killers on Tuesday. Two accused including girlfriend are absconding. Police is searching for them. On May 13, the 22-year-old son of a sweeper Gangadeen, a resident of Triveni village of Mataundh town, suddenly went missing while returning home from Mardannaka locality of Dhiru town Kotwali. The family lodged a kidnapping report after a lot of searches were not found for him.

During investigation, the police came to know that the sweeper Dhiru was having an affair with Premvati, wife of Sunil Srivas of Mardan Naka. Once a Panchayat was also held regarding this. Father Kallu, brother Chhotu and Daduram, residents of Padai village of Premvati, were also involved in the panchayat. After the panchayat, the father and the brothers called the lover through the daughter, fearing slander, and called the lover home. Where he was first drunk.

Later, he was taken away from his hometown of Padui village, near a secluded place between Gangapurwa and Manipur, near the drain and cut him with an ax. The pieces of his body and clothes were buried in the ground and thrown into the drain. The bike and mobile of the deceased were thrown unattended near Atarra.

Girlfriend and her brother still absconding
During the investigation, SOG and Kotwali police have arrested the killer Sunil Srivas, resident of Mardanaka, along with Chhotu, brother of girlfriend resident of Padui village and father Kallu Srivas and Dinesh resident of Rahunia Khutla Mohalla. While Premvati’s wife Sunil Srivas and his brother Daduram are absconding.

The arresting team included SOG in-charge Rakesh Kumar Tiwari, SI of Kotwali Anil Kumar Singh, Prem Pal Singh, Mayank Singh Chandel, head constable Mahesh Singh, constables Ashwani Pratap, Bhupendra Singh, Nitesh, Piyush Kumar, Asheen Kumar, Bhanu Pratap, Satyam. Gurjar, Ravi Kumar have been included.

Not found a significant part of the head and torso
Police are yet to recover the head and part of the torso of the sweeper. Whereas bones of feet and jaw etc. have been found. Those have been sent for post-mortem. The process of getting DNA test of bones is being completed.

Call details found in woman’s mobile phone
Due to love affair, many calls were made to the cleaning worker from the mobile of the woman who has been made a murderer. The ax has been recovered by the police from the room of the woman’s maternal house on the behest of the killers. There was no other house or settlement within a radius of three kilometers from where the killers had killed him.

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