Story of all three deaths in Auraiya: According to the report, the father is the murderer, the reason is the love affair of the eldest son

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The mystery of the three deaths in Auraiya seems to be getting sorted out. In the post-mortem report and forensic report, it has been revealed that Sandeep himself committed suicide after the death of his wife and son. Behind the incident, the matter of son’s love affair is coming to the fore. The forensic report has proved that Sandeep’s fingerprints are on the revolver.

Fight going on for 1 year

It has also come to the fore in the investigation that all the doors of the house were closed at the time of the incident. There is no mark on anyone. Nothing has come out in Sandeep’s mobile call details. Some numbers have been traced in the son’s call details. If sources are to be believed, Sandeep used to oppose the elder son’s love affair. Mother used to take his side. This quarrel went on for almost a year.

All the gates of the house are safe

It is clear in the forensic report that Sandeep’s fingers have marks on the revolver. The fingerprints of the other seven members living in the house do not match with anything from revolvers. Everything is safe from the top of the roof to the channel of the main gate. The incident came to light when the younger son opened the channel in the morning.

Jewelry and cash kept in the house are also safe

Jewelery and cash kept in the house are also safe. From which it is being speculated that there has been no robbery in the house. It is also being told that the eldest son Shivam had a love affair with a girl from another caste in the city while doing his B.Ed. Shivam wanted to marry her but Sandeep was not ready for it. After which the girlfriend got married at some other place. Then Shivam tried to commit suicide. After that his mental condition worsened.

Getting information about the dispute with the son

ADG Bhanu Bhaskar said that from the forensic and post-mortem report, it seemed that Sandeep had committed suicide by killing both of them. The reasons are being ascertained by assessing the call details and CDR report. All the reasons for the dispute with the son are being ascertained.

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