State government issued order: sarpanch husband will not be able to participate in government work, read .. full news

Chhatarpur12 minutes ago

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An order has been issued by the Ministry of Panchayati Rural Development of the Government of Madhya Pradesh, when the Sarpanch is a woman, her husband has been completely banned from attending government programs. If through the elected female sarpanch her husband goes to government offices and unnecessarily creates obstacles in government work, then such elected sarpanch will be removed from his post. This order has been issued for the first time in the state.

It may be mentioned that the Chief Minister of the state Shivraj Singh Chouhan is organizing many programs like women empowerment to promote women. So that the participation of women should be in maximum government programs and maximum employment is available to them. In this sequence, by issuing an order, the state government has created a big problem for the elected sarpanch husbands. At present, the husband of the elected sarpanch woman will not be able to participate in government work.

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