Sri Lanka’s tourism minister said – India understands the situation, we are a small country

India-Sri Lanka Relations: Sri Lanka’s Tourism Minister Harin Fernando, during his visit to Ahmedabad on Saturday, expressed hope that it would be a major diplomatic dispute amid concerns being raised about the arrival of Chinese ship ‘Yuan Wang 5’ on the Indian coast. Will not create because India understands its position. Fernando, who came to Ahmedabad to promote tourism in Sri Lanka, said China has invested heavily in Sri Lanka and “understood its needs in the past”. has expressed. Indian officials consider this ship to be of dual use.

We have very good diplomatic relations with India – Harin Fernando

Sri Lanka’s Tourism Minister Harin Fernando said in response to a question, “Sri Lanka is a small country and it has good relations with everyone. I am sure India understands this. We have very good diplomatic relations with India. Fernando said that Sri Lanka’s President Ranil Wickremesinghe and its Foreign Minister continue to be Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are in touch with. “I think they understand our position. Minister Harin Fernando said, “The people of China have invested a lot in Sri Lanka and they have understood our needs in the past as well. So I hope it will not create any major diplomatic controversy. “The Chinese ballistic and satellite tracking vessel has arrived at Hambantota, the southern port of Sri Lanka and will stay at the Chinese-run port till August 22.

What does India have to say?

Indian External Affairs Minister S.K., who arrived at the 9th meeting of the India-Thailand Joint Commission in Thailand. In response to a question on Wednesday, Jaishankar said that India monitors any such development in its neighbourhood, which has an impact on its security. External Affairs Minister Jaishankar said, “I think a spokesperson said a while back, we obviously monitor very carefully any developments that affect our interests.”

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