Squid Game: The Challenge Finale: Release date, where to watch and more

Squid Game: The Challenge has gained quite a popularity amongst the fans of the Korean web series. With its first season coming to an end, viewers are on the edge of their seats to find out the winner.

The reality game show began by pitting 456 contestants against each other for a whopping prize of $4.56 million.

Back in 2021, when the South Korean show, Squid Game was released on Netflix, it became one of the biggest shows for the streaming giant. Therefore, when a real-life version of the show was announced, fans were a bit worried and excited to see it pan out in real life.

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Well, it did work out extremely well for the platform as the show is one of the most-watched shows still.

The reality game show began by pitting 456 contestants against each other for a whopping prize of $4.56 million. Out of them all, the show specifically focused on one group, while the rest were eliminated as the show progressed.

The first five episodes of the show were released on November 22, 2023, with the rest on November 29, 2023.

The tenth and final episode of the show is all set to release on December 6, 2023. It will be available to watch on Netflix.

We’ll get to see the 3 final contestants, Sam, Mai and Phill compete for the last time for the ultimate cash prize and the added one, fame.

While a second season for the fan-loved show has not been announced, it might be in the cards considering it ranked No.1 in 76 countries on Netflix. Additionally, since a second season of the original series is all set to release, it might be possible to release the same for the reality show version.

Fans of the reality show have been excitedly waiting for the finale and making it vocal on social media.

“Fully binged Squid Game the challenge and I need the finale NOWWWW” wrote a fan on X.

“2 more days till the the season finale of Squid Game: The Challenge can’t wait!” added another.

“The Squid Game The Challenge finale isn’t until the 6th?! This is ludicrous. I need it now.”

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