Smugglers fled after snatching opium in Badaun, noise of loot: Police gasped at the news of loot of 1.70 lakh after the developments during smuggling dealing

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During the dealing in smuggling of opium in Badaun, the gang of smugglers snatched the seller’s opium and ran away. Here, when the seller informed the police about the robbery, the whole police station was shaken. Later, when the siege was done, smugglers of other gangs including opium were caught. However, the main smuggler could not be caught by the police till late night.
The case is of Parasia village of Bisauli Kotwali area. Some smugglers gathered here and dealing in opium trade was done. It is said that Jitendra, along with Shivam and Sumit of Parasia village, had dealt with Sajid of Chandpura village and called him with one kilo of opium.
then there was a scuffle
When Sajid brought the goods, the intentions of the accused got spoiled and after snatching his opium, these people fled. Here, Sajid, furious on leaving the goods, called the police and told that Rs 1.70 lakh has been robbed with him.
Police ran in a hurry
The police also panicked on the information of the robbery and reached the spot. Here Sajid told that the robbers have run on Dabtori Road. As a result, a siege was laid and the bikers were caught. When opium was recovered from them, the police understood the whole matter. During interrogation also the accused confessed to the crime. During this, the name of Morpal’s son, a resident of Dharampur village, has also come to light, because he was involved in smuggling. However, the police heaved a sigh of relief when the robbery did not take place. After the late night incident, the police was busy interrogating the accused till late night.

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