Smuggler became BA student to become rich soon: Khanna-Ludhiana supplied opium, college students were on target, caught bringing opium from Jharkhand

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A 20-year-old smuggler, who was coming from Jharkhand to Ludhiana to supply opium, has been arrested by Khanna police with three kg of opium. The accused has been identified as Rahul Kumar resident of Jharkhand. Rahul got involved in the business of smuggling to get rich soon. This was his third trip to Punjab, he was connecting with the cities of Khanna and Ludhiana by supplying to the youth in the surrounding areas.

Rahul’s victims were mostly college students and youth. Rahul’s wire is being linked to the case of 4 kg opium from the Khanna police in the past. In this case, the police had arrested five smugglers. Of these, two smugglers were from Jharkhand, while three were from Jalandhar district.

SP I Dr. Pragya Jain told that Rahul has been caught by the team of SHO Kuljinder Singh with three kg of opium near the furnaces. The police had seen Rahul carrying a pittu bag hanging on his back, he was going towards the railway lines. On seeing the police, he tried to run away by throwing a bag hanging on his back, but the police caught him. The SP said that Rahul has already supplied consignments of opium in Punjab twice. In the interrogation so far, its contact with many people of Ludhiana has come to the fore. Investigation is on, the scandal will be exposed soon.

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