Shopkeeper lost his life in a quarrel: Dispute with tenants over rent in Barnala; fell down during the push

Bathinda32 minutes ago

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Police reached Barnala Hospital.

In the Tapa Mandi of Barnala in Punjab, a fight broke out between the shop owner and the tenants due to the transaction of money. During the assault, the shop owner fell unconscious. Neighbors took him to the hospital, where doctors declared him brought dead. After getting the information, the police reached the hospital.

The deceased’s brother Subhash told that his brother Subhash used to do business of belt. He has given his building on rent to Rohit and Sukhmani for a long time. His brother is having a dispute with both of them regarding rent.

Both had talked about paying rent to his brother today. This morning as soon as his brother went to ask him for rent, he got enraged and started beating Suresh. At the same time his brother fell down and fainted. Neighbors immediately rushed him to the hospital, but he died.

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