Shifting of hostel children in Sagar: Illegal construction on the drain created water logging situation in the hostel premises, action will be taken against those who allow construction

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  • Due To Illegal Construction On The Drain, The Situation Of Water Logging In The Hostel Premises, Action Will Be Taken Against Those Who Allow The Construction

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Collector Arya arrived to take stock of the hostel.

Collector Deepak Arya reached the spot along with the officials as soon as the information about water logging in the Government Scheduled Caste Boys Hostel premises located in Vidyapuram of Makronia area of ​​Sagar was received. He inspected the hostel and talked to the children living there. He told the children that if you want to go home for two-three, you can go. Arrangements will be made to go home and if you want to stay then alternative arrangements are being made.

No one will stay in this hostel now. It will be repaired and fixed soon. Water drainage will be created. After which the collector talked to the hostel superintendent and the residents on the reasons for water stagnation. People told that the construction has been done by encroaching on the government drain. Due to which the situation of water stagnation has been created. Children and the residents of the area are worried about the water stagnation.
Instructions to remove construction, investigation will be done at the point of giving permission
Collector Deepak Arya said that there is an old culvert here. It has been built upon, which is wrong. If permission has been given by Makronia Municipality then it is wrong. SDM has been directed to investigate the matter. Action will be taken against the concerned officer giving permission to the construction. Along with this, instructions have been given to remove the construction done on the drain. So that the water accumulated in the hostel premises can be removed.

Rain water has accumulated in front of the entrance of the hostel.

this was the whole matter
Due to incessant rains, water had accumulated in the Government Scheduled Caste Boys Hostel premises located in Vidyapuram of Makronia area. Due to which about 40 students residing in the hostel were facing difficulties in commuting. The superintendent, including the children of the hostel, had complained to the department regarding the problem of water logging. But it was not resolved. At the same time, due to the accumulation of water, the children were afraid of animals like snakes and scorpions. The children had demanded early resolution of the problem of water stagnation in the hostel.
Pond becomes entrance of hostel in Sagar: Rain water filled with encroachment on drain, students forced to move amid water logging

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