Selection of two cricketers from Bulandshahr in UP Under-19: Shubham said – my passion is the secret of success, Anubhav said – his goal is to play for the state and the country

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Bulandshahr cricketers Shubham Gautam and Anubhav Singh have been selected in the Under-19 fitness camp of Uttar Pradesh. Anubhav is bowling medium pace out swing, while the batsmen are. Shubham said, my passion for cricket is the secret of my success. At the same time, Anubhav told, “His goal is to represent in the state and country’s cricket team.” There is an atmosphere of happiness among the cricketers of the district due to the achievement of both the players.

Cricket my passion – Shubham
Born in Dibai’s farmer family, Shubham Gautam has been taking cricket training at Narora Cricket Academy for the last several years. Bowling medium pace out swing. He says, “Learn the tricks of bowling from the bowling coach Ankit Rajput in the academy. There is still a lot to learn. Hard practice and my passion for cricket alone is the secret of my success. Coach Ankit Rajput said, “We want Shubham’s success. Proud of.”

Shubham bowls medium pace out swing.

Feeling of calm nature like shot like ball
Young batsman Anubhav Singh learns cricket from his coach Satish Kumar at the Khalour Sports Stadium. Opening batting or batting top order in the team. He is adept at hitting the ball like that. Studied at Aster Public School, Noida. Anubhav is taking cricket training for the last eight years. Anubhav said, “His goal is to represent the state and country’s cricket team. He credits his success to coach Satish Kumar, founder of Khalour Stadium Manoj Pradhan and family including BDCA.”
Shubham does not use smart phone to focus on his game.

Shubham does not use smart phone to focus on his game.

Talented Experience
Coach Satish Kumar said, “Anubhav gave a great performance in the final trials held in Kanpur. He has participated in the selection process several times in Under 14, 16 and 19 in Kanpur. He is very happy about the success of Anubhav.”

Of the 90 players selected in the fitness camp, Shubham (175) and Anubhav (176) will now go for a fitness test in Kanpur on 22 August.

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